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Tejinder Grewal
Tejinder Singh Grewal

Founder and CTO, I have been interested in arts, graphics, and video games as long as I can remember. I was first introduced to 3D with 3DS Max around 1999/2000 when it was called 3DS MAX R3 then moving on to Discreet 3DS Max 4.

Alongside completing my Bachelors in Computing, I completed a number of courses including Computer Networking, Programming, and Finally 3D Animation, I finished my degree and as my first job taught 3D Art and Animation.

About 21 years later, I am still connected to the field with the recent advancements in AI and real-time technologies with a focus on Research, Character Art/Animation, Programming, Design, and Direction.

Tejinder's Work

Tejinder's Work

All Categories
All Categories

Unreal Engine MetaHuman Experiments - Tarantella Song (4K)

2021 iClone Lip Sync Animation Contest - Amelia's Dream (4K)

Infinite Journeys Challenge Final Submission Unreal Engine 5 + Behind the scenes UE Setup 4K

Jaskaran Grewal
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